When you are ready to kick the tires and light the fires on your sales... give us a call... We will turn and burn for you!

Our Story

Founded by Kirk Ruhlman in the summer of 2020. Maverick Sales Group is a company dedicated to developing sales strategies, and innovative solutions to grow your business. We specialize in key account management, sales consulting and marketing. Maverick can also expand your sales into Canada and other international distribution channels. Our company gives your brand access to a variety of stores, sales representatives and brand awareness tools.

Kirk has over 25 years experience in the gift and souvenir industry and has worked with Premier industry leaders like Pavilion Gift Company and AngelStar. At the age of 27 he was the youngest National Sales Manager in the industry when he joined Pavilion gift company. He participated in the GSMA and GHTA sales organizations.

The goal is to give each brand it’s own unique experience and a new way to make their sales soar!

kirk with jet